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Determine DASD cache battery life

Knowing how much life remains in you DASD cache battery will save you downtime.

You know when you get it -- the dreaded error about your cache battery getting ready to die. Aside from the fact that you have to take the box TOTALLY down to have the battery changed, what if you have multiple DASD controllers and therefore multiple batteries? They usually don't warn all at the same second of the same day, especially if your machine has been MES-ed in its lifetime, it has different ages of parts. Here's an easy way to see when you can expect your cache batteries to start posting warnings, and have your CE replace more than just the one the next time they come out.

1 - start a service tool
4 - display/alter/dump
1 - display/alter storage
2 - LIC
14- advanced analysis
put a 1 next to BATTERYINFO and press enter
on the option line type: -info -all
Press enter, and your report of battery life will arrive.

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