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Delete stubborn IFS entries

Learn how to delete files with strange names that appear in IFS.

Sometimes, if users have access to the IFS through Windows, files with strange names appear in the IFS. For example, "C:{filename}", etc.

If you try to delete them using the WRKLNK command and option 4, you get an error message that the file doesn't exist even though it appears in the directory listing.

Here's how to delete them:

Start an FTP session. (Yes, you can FTP to the same machine.) Change the name format.

	namefmt 1
OR      na 1

Switch to the IFS directory where the bad file exists.

	cd  {dir}

If necessary to remove ':' and '' characters, rename the file:

   RENAME  sourcefilename newfilename

Delete the file

	del newfilename

That's all there is to it! Now, go clean up your IFS.


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