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Debugging batch jobs

Learn how to use your interactive screen to debug a batch job.

Using your interactive screen to debug a batch job submitted to the job queue allows you to put the batch job into debug mode and to set breakpoints without having to change the program to run interactively.

1. Submit the job with the HOLD (*YES) parameter: SBMJOB HOLD(*YES) or Hold the job queue that before submitting the job by using the HLDJOBQ command.

2. Determine the job name, user, and number of the submitted job by using the WRKSBMJOB command.

3. Type the Start Service Job command on your screen: STRSRVJOB JOB(job name/user/number)

4. Type the Start Debug command on your screen: STRDBG

5. Release the job in the jobq. Type WRKSBMJOB and then put a 6 beside the job to be released and press enter, or, if the job queue was put on hold, release the job queue with the RLSJOBQ command.

6. A display appears when the job is ready to start, saying that you can now begin debugging the job. Press F10 to show the Command Entry display.

7. Now you can start debugging by entering an Add Break Point command: ADDBKP


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