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Debugging an ILE program when it calls an OPM program

The ILE debug is started by STRDBG, the same command used to debug traditional OPM programs (RPG III). When you are debugging an ILE program and it calls an OPM program, using F22 to "jump in" the called program or adding the called program to the list of debugged programs (F14) will not work. To use the debugger, you have two choices:

1. Convert the called program to ILE and recompile with the appropriate debug view. That may not be possible to do, for your company may prefer some programs to be kept in RPG III. Also, some programs may need some reworking when converting from RPG 3 to RPG IV (arrays inside data structure, reserved words may cause such problems).

2. Recompile the OPM program with OPTION(*LSTDBG) and start (STRDBG) or change (CHGDBG) the debug with option OPMSRC(*YES). This enables you to debug OPM programs within the ILE debugger the same way, as if they were ILE, without having to convert or modify the source or change the language of the object.

Please note that other (non-IBM) debuggers will enable you to debug a mixture of OPM and ILE without the need for recompiling.


About the author: Pascal Jacquemain is an analyst/programmer at Gulliver Travel in London. In addition, he has worked as an AS/400 instructor.

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