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Data Transfer: Adding meaningful Excel column headings

While extracting data from Physical files on the iSeries into an Excel file on your PC, try the 'Recv'(Receive files from Host) option.

While extracting data from Physical files on the iSeries into an Excel file on our PC, we use the button 'Recv'...

(Receive files from Host.) The problem is the column headings of this Excel file contains the field names of the Physical files. These field names don't make much sense -- especially to the users. Instead of the field name as a column heading, the description text of this field will make it much easier for all to understand the contents of each column.

It can be done as follows. On the Data transfer window, click on Data Options. A window for Change Data Options will appear. In this window, inside the box for Select, define the column aliases as shown below (my file name is EMPLOYEE).

EMPID AS "Employee ID", EMPNAME AS "Employee Name", EMPADD AS "Employee Address"

That's it. Now, run the Data Transfer and the Excel file will have the text defined as column alias as the Column Headings.


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When I run the transfer the column headings come through to Excel but with the quotes, for example "Item Number".