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DB2 Discovery

Here is a quick introduction to DB2 Discovery, which provides a more automated approach to problems associated with client/server communication.

Manually configuring communications can be a time-consuming and confusing process, especially in large networks. When a client wishes that the DB2 server process a request, the server and the database on that server that must be catalogued locally. DB2 Discovery provides a more automated approach to this problem.

What DB2 Discovery does is broadcast a discovery request over a network, similar to the way SNMP can broadcast for devices or DHCP broadcasts for a DHCP server for an assigned address. Your DB2 server must be configured to support discovery by setting the values of certain parameters in the DAS instance of the DB2 Database Manager's configuration files as well as the database configuration file for each database in an instance. This means that the DB2 server must provide a list of instances that it contains and the protocol used to communicate with that instance of DB2. Additionally, each instance's list of databases must be transmitted when the request is processed. DB2 Discovery information can be used by the Control Center and by the Client Configuration Assistant.

You can also configure a server so that it will not respond to or be seen by DB2 Discovery requests, and configure your servers in a hierarchy There are two methods used to perform a discovery, known respectively as "search" and "known". A search discovery searches a network for valid servers and databases and their protocol, returning the result to the client. A known discovery search searches the network for a specific server using a specific protocol. When the known server is found, it returns a list of valid instances and the databases they contain to the client, and information required to catalog them.

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