Cut & Paste from Client Access

This tip teaches you how to create a new Pop-Up Keypad for CA.

We are all used to the and or to the mouse right click and function. In order to have these functions with Client Access you will need to create a new Pop-Up Keypad:

On Client Access screen, click Assist.
Select Popup Keypad Setup
Select the IBM default Popup keypad
Click Customize
On the Customize keypad windows:
Pull down the function window.
highlight the "Edit Copy" or "Edit Paste" function
Assign these function to one of the button of the keypad by clicking the desired button.
Click on File, SaveAs
Save it on your harddrive as .PMP

Back to the Popup keypad setup,
Click on User-Defined Radio button
Specify your .PMP file
Click OK
Make sure to save your C/A Session to permanently keep this setting.

Now by pressing the mouse right button, it should pop up the keypad with the and button.

Note: you can customize this keypad many ways, for example, I have customized a button to a macro previously recorded to start printers, so instead of typing the whole command STRPRTWTR Dev(xxx) OUTQ(yyy) etc..., I just click a button. You might want to have more button on it, up to 4 keypads, change the colors, etc.. Hey play with it!!


If you want to copy the whole screen to a World document, you can always use the button and then to copy, But I suggest that you changed the default colors of your C/A Session before to have a white background and black text. It looks better on a document.

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