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Creating LF over flat files

Learn how to create to create logical files over flat ones with this step-by-step tip from member Pankaj Jain.

Do you know you can create logical files over flat ones? Here's how:

Given example creates a structure without affecting the existing flat file. It defines the structure and key fields over the flat file.

This way, you will be able to use the flat file as if it is a structured file.

Step 1: Create flat file.

Step 2: Consider this flat file stores information for two fields (1-10) & (11,80). Now create Lf over test pf.

 *************** Beginning of data **********************************
                 R RTESTLF                   PFILE(TESTPF)          
                   FLD1               I      SST(TESTPF 1 10)       
                   FLD2               I      SST(TESTPF 11 70)      
                 K FLD1                                             


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