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Create your own shortcuts for often-used commands

As an operator you probably use commands like WRKACTJOB, WRKSYSSTS or WRKJOBSCDE often. These commands do have...

possibilities that not everyone is aware of. When you use and , there are lots of parameters to use. Most operators don't even use anymore; they just hit after entering the command. In WRKACTJOB you can use parameters like SBS (Subsystem), SEQ (Sequence) and CPUPCTLMT (CPU percentage limit), to limit the jobs to display. When you use these commands and parameters frequently, here's my tip:

  1. Make a copy of the command using CRTDUPOBJ into a specific library, and name the copy, for example 'WA'
  2. Change the default values for your copy (CHGCMDDFT)
  3. Adjust the parameters you usually change

And here is your 'shortcut' to your often-used commands!

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