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Create new SEU line commands

Did you know you can add your own line commands to SEU? As explained in the "SEU Users Guide and Reference" you create an RPGLE program to edit the new line commands. Then attach the edit program to SEU. There are 2 ways to add the edit program. Press Cmd13 while in SEU and enter the program name in the User Exit Program prompt, or from a command line use the command WRKREGINF and enter the program name in the exit point QIBM_QSU_LCMD. I have used this technique to create line commands to add colored hi-lighting to my source code. Blue, red, pink, white, underline, reverse, all these are available using simple line commands in SEU. That's right, no more copy and paste, no more dropping out of SEU to get those hex codes in, and if I win the radios I will let everyone have the code.

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