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Create an iSeries Access image and update it with the latest Service Pack

There's an easy way to create an iSeries Access image that can be used for PC-Client installations and to load the latest Service Pack on to.

There's an easy way to create an iSeries Access (former named Client Access) image that can be used for PC-Client...

installations and to load the latest Service Pack on to.

This is named "Tailored Install".

To set up the Tailored installation proceed as follows:

  • Map new network drive to folder mysystemqibm (where mysystem is your iSeries systemname)
  • Start Windows Explorer and select Tools, then Map Network Drive

  • Logon and Run Cwbinimg.bat wizard.
    CWBinimg.bat is in QIBM directory. Path is myiseriesqibmProdDataCA400ExpressInstallImage
  • Open/Start CWBINIMG.BAT, and it will start the iSeries Access for Windows Tailored Install wizard

  • Once you've selected the path, select the components to be part of your image

    To load and apply the latest Service Pack for iSeries Access proceed as follows:

    Click here and select Service Packs to load the latest Service Pack.

    Select the appropriate Service Pack (here I've selected SI15176 for 5722-XE1 V5R3M0)

    Click on Tailored directory
    Then on PTFFORM.EXE
    Save on disk: (no need to save it in the same directory as your image)

    PTFFORM only puts in fixes for code that is contained in image

    Click on the „Open" button

    Select Browse to specify the destination folder where your Tailored Image has been saved

    Press Next to start the update

    The components that are contained in the target install image will be automatically updated to the new service level from the files in the temporary directory, and then the temporary directory will be removed.

    After completion, you can delete the downloaded PTFFORM.exe file, as it is no longer needed.

    Now you have combined this service pack level with the iSeries Access for Windows installation image, so that users can install iSeries Access for Windows plus this service pack in one integrated step. Note that this procedure also works if the installation image has already been combined with a prior service pack level. This procedure will replace the prior service level in the combined image with this new level.

    Alternatively, if you have a full copy of the original iSeries Access for Windows install image in a directory, you can combine PTFFORM.EXE with this full image, using the same procedure detailed above. Then you can run Create Tailored Installation Image (cwbinimg.bat) from this full image directory, to create tailored image directories that will automatically have the service pack merged in.

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