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Create Excel column headings from DDS column or text headings

Learn an easy way to send the DDS column headings along with the data when creating a CSV file on the iSeries.

Follow these steps for an easy way to send the DDS column headings along with the data when creating a CSV file...

on the iSeries.

1.DSPFFD the source file to an outfile (FDFLDS in the code).

2. Run a program that creates a column-delimited string of the column headings using the outfile from number one as a source and write it out as one record to a target file FDIMPF (see the below code).

3. Copy the data from the source file to the output file from number two using CPYTOIMPF option *ADD. You can then FTP the file.

Note: Make your output file record length (FDIMPF) very large to accommodate the string created from the column headings.

This technique can be used with text headings, as well as columns.

F* GETFFDR Build Column Headings record in Copy to
Import File        
F* Created: 6/2/2004 Ron Harrison                                     
F* Reads in DSPFFD Outfile, builds string of columns separated by commas, then strips out any colons, period, quotes and ampersands.  

FFDIMPF    O    E             DISK                                    
FFDFLDS    IF   E             DISK                                    
Dcomma            C                   ','                             
Dnonos            C                   ':."@'                          
Dblks             C                   '    '                          
C                   Read      FDFLDS                                  
C                   Eval      fddata  = %trim(whchd1)                 
C                   Read      FDFLDS                                  
C                   Dow       not %eof(FDFLDS)                        
C                   Eval      fddata  = %trim(fddata) + comma +    
C                                       %trim(whchd1)

C                   Read      FDFLDS

C                   Enddo

C     nonos:blks    xlate     fddata        fddata

C                   write     RFDIMP

C                   Eval      *Inlr = *on

****************** End of data *********************



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This was last published in May 2005

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