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Copy spool files to a PC text file member Praveshree Mahabeer suggests an alternative method for copying spool files to a PC text file.

If you'd like to copy spool files to a PC text file (if you have Client Access) there is an alternate option to...

using the CPYSPLF command and then doing a data transfer from the iSeries.

Follow the instructions below:

1. Open Windows Explorer.

2. Open AS/400 Operations Navigator go to:
- Start
- Programs
- IBM AS/400 Client Access Express.
- iSeries Operations Navigator

3. Click the AS/400 your spool file is on.

4. Click on Basic Operations

5. Click on printer output.

6. In the right screen all your spool files will appear.

7. Click the spool file you wish to copy.

8. Drag the spool file into a folder in your Windows Explorer. And ta-da .. the spool file is copied into a text file, which can also be opened in Excel.


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