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Copy multiple spool files at one time using Operations Navigator

Search400 member Chris Seager shows you how to use OpsNav to copy multiple spool files at one time.

To copy multiple spool files at one time, follow steps provided.

1.  Open Operations Navigator
2.  Open Basic Operations 
3.  Select Printer Output
4.  A selection of your spool files will show.
This can be easily changed to whatever you wish to see by going 
to options and include.
5.  Select which spool files you wish to copy to your PC by either 
   key to select individually or use the 
    key to 
select a series of spool files.
6.  Right click mouse and click on copy.
7.  Paste spool files to desired directory. 

The files will be copied to your PC with a .txt extension.

This was last published in April 2001

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