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Copy from Client Access green screen

This is a helpful tip if you're copying from a CA/400 green screen.

Here's a tip many people may not be aware of. When copying from a CA/400 green screen, if you are copying multiple pages, you can select the area on the screen to be copied, and then from EDIT on the tool bar, use COPY one time, and use COPY APPEND for all remaining images until finished. You only need to paste one time. I have yet to overflow the buffer.

Select APPEARANCE from the tool bar, select DISPLAY SETUP from the pull down menu, select TRIMMING from the display setup options, select YES to both SIZING HANDLE and REMAIN-AFTER-EDIT-FUNCTION. That will allow the user to left click and drag around the approximate data area to be copied, and the use the sizing handles on the boundaries to adjust-to-fit their specific requirements.

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