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Copy IFS data from the iSeries to a Windows server

Copy IFS data from the iSeries to a Windows server using only one command.

Want to copy IFS data from the iSeries to a Windows server using only one command? These steps will help you do...

just that.

1. Start NetServer on iSeries using iSeries Navigator (/Network/Servers/TCP/IP/iSeries NetServer) or OS/400 command STRTCPSVR SERVER(*NETSVR)

2. Enter command MKDIR DIR('/qntc/Wservername'). Be aware to enter this command after each system IPL because all these QNTC links will be cleaned up during IPL.

3. Use command WRKLNK OBJ('/qntc/Wservername') and then option 5=display to verify that you can see all shared folders on the Window server. Be aware that user/password on iSeries and Windows sever must be the same.

4. Use command COPY OBJ(IFSpathname) TODIR('/QNTC/Wservername/foldername)

And that's it.

Note: If your Window server is not in the same IP subnet as your iSeries server, you'll have to indicate your WINS server address in the iSeries NetServer properties in iSeries Navigator.


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This was last published in February 2004

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