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Configuring e-mail with Infoprint Server

Follow these steps to set up your OS/400 to send e-mail with Infoprint Server 5.1 and higher.

Infoprint Server for iSeries (Program Number 5722–IP1) lets you convert any standard iSeries spooled file to PDF and send it as e-mail. To use this function, your OS/400 must be set up to send e-mail. The setup covered in this tip assumes the following:

  • TCP/IP is configured.
  • E-mail has not been set up before.
  • You want to use the command line to configure your system for sending e-mail.
  • If you use iSeries Navigator or Operations Navigator, you can follow the steps in the iSeries Information Center at to set up your system to send e-mail. To find these instructions, go to Networking –> TCP/IP –> E-mail –> Configure e-mail.

    These are the steps required to set up your OS/400 to send e-mail with Infoprint Server 5.1 and higher. Enter the commands with the given parameters and values as shown in capital letters below. If you prefer, enter the command (such as CHGDSTA), then press F4 to be prompted through the command. Pressing F11 toggles between the parameter keywords (such as SMTPRTE) and a list (sometimes partial) of acceptable values for that parameter.

    What you need to do

    2. Enter ADDDIRE USRID(INTERNET GATEWAY) USRD('Generic Internet user')
      A value for MAILROUTER is required only if you want to control what happens when a name and address cannot be resolved. The mail router name would typically be set up by the system administrator. Specify MAILROUTER(*NONE) if you are unsure.
    5. Create user profiles for any users who want to send e-mail. We will create user JOEJ. Enter:
      CRTUSRPRF USRPRF(JOEJ) PASSWORD(not2bad) TEXT('Joe Johnson')
    6. Add users to the system distribution directory. The value for USER must be the same as the value for USRPRF specified in step 5. ISERIES is the system name of the iSeries that Joe works on. Enter:
    7. Note: Complete this step only if you want to use an SMTP server to send e-mail with Infoprint Server. You cannot specify an SMTP server with Infoprint Server 5.1. You need Infoprint Server 5.2. This step requires *SECADM special authority. Add an SMTP address for the users in the system distribution directory.
    8. a. To add an SMTP address for the user ID JOEJ, enter WRKDIRE and press Enter.
      b. Choose option 2 (Change) by the user ID you want to change and press Enter.
      c. Press F19 (Add name for SMTP). If there is no SMTP address associated with this ID, a message appears on the bottom of the screen. Press Enter.
      d. Specify either the SMTP user ID and domain or the SMTP route. We specify the user ID and domain of Joe's Internet e-mail address.

      You can now test the new e-mail setup by using the SNDDST command. We suggest you do this before testing Infoprint Server for the first time.
    11. Test the e-mail setup by entering this command. You can use the TOUSRID or TOINTNET parameters or both:
      SNDDST TYPE(*LMSG) TOUSRID((user address)) TOINTNET(( DSTD('E-mail')
      LONGMSG('This is a test to determine whether my new e-mail setup works.')
      SUBJECT('E-mail test')
    12. Go to your Internet mail system or OS/400 to see if you have received the message. For instructions about using SNADS to receive e-mail on your OS/400, refer to the iSeries Information Center.

    For more information about using OS/400 commands or about setting up e-mail, go to any of these resources:

    • The iSeries Information Center: Contains information about commands, instructions to configure TCP/IP, and instructions to set up the OS/400 to send and receive e-mail.
    • The Redbook AS/400 E-mail Capabilities, SG24-4703: Contains instructions to configure TCP/IP, instructions to set up the OS/400 to send and receive e-mail, and various other e-mail topics.
    • SNA Distribution Services, SC41-5410-01: Contains information about using SNADS on the OS/400.
    • Infoprint Server for iSeries: User's Guide, G544-5775-01: Contains instructions about using Infoprint Server for iSeries, including instructions to send e-mail.
    • The Redbook IBM Eserver iSeries Printing VI: Delivering the Output of e-business, SG24-6250: Contains instructions about using Infoprint Server for iSeries, including instructions to send e-mail.
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      About the author: Bill Shaffer is the iSeries product manager for output solutions. Based in Boulder, Colo., Bill is responsible for iSeries tools to manage printing and to reengineer output for e-business applications. You can reach him at


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