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Command special values: One set for the user, one set for the program

Different sets of values for user-defined commands and programs helps users select reports.

John Kohan

Did you know you can have the user select one set of values on user-defined commands, yet have your program receive...

a totally different set of values? This is helpful when you need to interrupt what the user selected into "Program Logic". Below is an example that asks the user what type of report they want.

CMD        PROMPT('Activity Reports')

             DFT(*ACTIVITY) VALUES(1 2 3) +  

             SPCVAL((*ACTIVITY 1) (*MOVEMENT 2) +        
             (*ADJUSTMENT 3)) 

             MIN(0) PROMPT('Type of  Report')                                

When the user enters *MOVEMENT, the called program will receive a "2". Now a simple select statement will produce the requested report. This is much easier for the user to understand which report they are selecting.

About the author: John Kohan is a senior programmer analyst at CT Codeworks.


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This was last published in April 2002

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