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Command shows which programs use a particular field

This command allows one to print a list of all source members in a library that use the field.

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We used to have a product that would tell which programs use a particular field. I found an iSeries command that allows me to get this info: FNDSTRPDM! This command allows me to print a list of all source members in a library that use the field. As a programmer, I have found this to be extremely useful and I can get all kinds of information in addition to a list. It sure beats looking through individual source members for the field I am interested in. I only wish I had found it sooner!


  • You would have to know ALL the source files that contain source for your application and run this command against each one of them. To be absolutely certain, you would want to extract the source file name from the compiled object to get this information. This is what those third-party packages help you do. This is a handy command, but I believe it is far from a replacement for a comprehensive cross reference tool. IMHO anyway... —Ken Graap, expert


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