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Code a two-dimensional array easily

Here's an easy way to code a two dimensional array with a pointer.

Been looking for an easy way to code a two dimensional array? Here's a way to do it with a pointer. It uses a based array and pointer to reference a multiple occurrence data structure of like fields.

The example given shows a 5 x 5 2D Array. Think of the array as the column and the occurrence as the row.

The only drawback about using this 2D array is the fact that the pointer needs to be re-initialized every time the occurrence is switched. Making the pointer equal to the % Addr of the data structure does this.

D Array      S       Like(Field1) Dim(5)
D                    Based(Pointer)
D Pointer    S     * Inz(%Addr(DataStr))

D DataStr    DS      Occurs(5)
D Field1
D Field2
D Field3
D Field4


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