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Clear filled in PDM options quickly

Here's a way to clear filled in PDM options quickly.

Most of you probably know that in any PDM list you can type an option and press F13 to have that option repeated from that point until the end of the list.

But IBM has not seen fit to give us a command key to clear the options from the list in case you change your mind or you don't want to process any more entries.

A simple way to accomplish this is to put the cursor on an entry earlier than the first remaining entry that still has the option filled in, press the space bar (this sets the MDT flag so it will be processed by PDM) and press F13.

You will receive a message: "Subsequent options typed. Press F13 again to repeat option."

Press F13 again and the entries will be cleared.

That sure beats hitting the field exit key numerous times for multiple pages in a large list!

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