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Cleaning up IFS files member Stacey Thompson writes, "Although there are many ways to clean up IFS files it seems that the easiest was is to use QShell. " Click over to view the complete tip.

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Although there are many ways to clean up IFS files, it seems that the easiest way is to use QShell.

Create a QTXTSRC file with all the IFS directories you want to clean out. Specify the number of days old. The example below uses 31 and 60 days old.

*************** Beginning of data ********

 0001.00  find /Directory/Backup/*.* -mtime +31 -exec rm -d {} ;

0002.00 find /Otherfile/stuff/*.* -mtime +60 -exec rm -d {} ;           

Then run the command like -

STRQSH CMD('qsys.lib/imgprdsrc.lib/qtxtsrc.file/vimgifsarc.mbr')


  • Great tip, worked like a charm and it's true "QShell is the easiest way to clean up IFS files". I properly saved four hours per week of cleaning unwanted IFS files!— Emad Banoub

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