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Changing ownership of directories on a new AS/400

Here's an idea for copying Web files after moving to a Web development server.

When changing to a new AS/400 Web development server we had to recreate the existing file structure. This also meant changing all the file authorities to include owner and authorization lists.

Our solution was found through mapping a network drive and using Windows Explorer to copy the files into the new server.

To start: Using Client Access or Express, connect to your AS/400's IFS and map a network drive for both. Then, create a new folder on the 400 where the files are going. Change the ownership and add auth. lists, etc. on that new folder. Lastly, copy (not move) your folder from one drive to the other.

When you copy a file, folder or subdirectories, all the files take on the ownership/authorities of the new folder. It's as easy as that.

Try a couple of files first and a subdirectory. Then check the Permissions properties in Operations Navigator.

I think you'll find this the most efficient way of copying Web files.

About the author: Robert Hansen is a technical writer for Ciber Consulting Inc., working on the IBM Technical Studio team located in Rochester, Minn. He has been writing workshops for Domino for AS/400 since 1998 that are posted on the IBM iSeries Web site.

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