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Changing CCSID of a file in IFS

Learn a easy way to change CCSID of a file in IFS.

Files transferred from an ASCII system to the AS/400, may be required to have the CCSID of the job on the AS/400 system, instead of that of the original ASCII system. One way of doing it is to use the CPYFRMSTMF and CPYTOSTMF CL commands or CPY command if the OS version is V5R1.

Another simple way of doing it in the QSHELL is:
cat ascii.file >> ebcdic.file Where ascii.file is the ascii file. The file ebcdic will be created in the required CCSID.

Now if you execute the following command, cp ebcdic.file ascii.file ascii.file will also have the CCSID of the AS/400.


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