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Benefits of naming User data in your OVRPRTF command

Here are two ways to use named User data to find important information about your programs.

Naming User data can help you find important information about your programs. Here are two ways you can use it.

1. To find what program created the report/ spool file
From wrksplf or on your outq, get the "User data" name under User data column. Go to CL source in desire library, and type in (25=Find string) on 1st member option column, then (F13=Repeat) the (25=Find string) for the remaining members. Press the enter key, and type in the user data name in find string. Press enter again. You should be able to find it under OVRPRTF command. If the user data name is not customized/named in CLP program, then user data name is the same as program name.

2. To find a report /spool file
Do wrksplf and F4. Change the User to *ALL, and put the (User data) name in User data. Then press the enter key to find all report/spool file in the system with this User data name. WRKSPLF is a very useful command once you learn how to use it fully.

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