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Be sure to have your configuration source available

Someone deleted your important info? Learn an easy way to retrieve it in this tip.

Have you ever had someone delete an important line description or device description from your system? To make sure this doesn't happen, you need to have your security set up correctly. But even if you have done so, people with high authority levels could still delete important configuration objects by mistake.

Now try to recreate the line description with all the right settings. This could take quite long. What you could do when this has happened is get your SAVSYS tape and use the RSTCFG command. But it usually takes time to get the tape as it could be residing in a safe at the bank.

You could make life easier for yourself if you have all configuration sources on your system. Use the RTVCFGSRC command to get the sources of all your configuration objects. Now if some configuration object gets lost you can quickly recreate it with all the right settings by string searching in the SYSCFG source member, copy the lines needed and past them on a command line. If the string is many lines long (like the source for line descriptions can be) do a "call qcmd" and press [F11] to get a full-screen command line. Now past your crt... command on there removing the +'es and press enter. You now have your lost configuration object with all the right settings on your system again.



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