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Avoid locking issues

Avoid locking issues due to users not signing off

To avoid locking issues due to not signing off, send a reminder to the users to sign off before closing sessions (any Client Access or iSeries Express session).

From any session select Exit, Preferences, Exit, Confirm on Exit Session and Apply. Once set on one configured sessions, all sessions will send reminder.

This will simply remind the user to sign off before closing the session. When set, if a user tries to close a session without signing off the following will display: (Embedded image moved to file: pic16835.jpg)

We run applications that utilize multi-membered files. If a user closes sessions without signing off -- and they have a file opened -- the file would remain locked until unlocked by operations or the Help Desk. This setting has been used to assist IT in avoiding these locking issues.

Actually the preferences should be set as follows: (Embedded image moved to file: pic09211.jpg)


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