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AutoStart jobs by subsystem

Learn how to automatically start server jobs with just the STRSBS command.

Do you have server jobs that need to be ended for backups or restarted after IPL? Want to automatically start these...

server jobs with just the STRSBS command? IBM has provided the ability to add AutoStart jobs to a subsystem description. When the subsystem is started, it will automatically run these jobs. There is a little setup involved, but afterwards, all you will need is the ENDSBS and STRSBS commands to recycle your services.

1. You will need a JOBD with the RQSDTA parameter set to the command you want to run when the subsystem is started. You will also need to enter a USER under which this job will run.

2. Add the JOBD to the subsystem AutoStart Job Entries with command ADDAJE.

3. Make sure the subsystem has a Routing Entry that call QCMD. If not, you can add one with the ADDRTGE command.

These are the basic steps involved. If you want more information about subsystems refer to the IBM Work Management Guide, Chapter 4.


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