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Apply PTFs unattended

If you want to apply PTFs without having to wait to start the PWRDWNSYS command, check out this tip to see how it's done.

Ever want to apply some PTFs and not want to wait around to start the PWRDWNSYS command? Here's a way to accomplish that with the job scheduler. Work with Job Scheduled Entries (WRKJOBSCDE). Press F6 (=Add). Job Name = APYPTF Command to run = PWRDWNSYS OPTION(*IMMED) RESTART(*YES) IPLSRC(B) Frequency = *Once Schedule time = time of your unattended IPL. Press F10 for additional parameters Save = *yes (so you can have it for another time) Job queue . . : QCTL Library . . : QSYS

Change the Job Queue to QCTL so the job run in a subsystem that does not end when the system starts ending subsystems before powering down then back up. Also, make sure your panel is set to Normal mode. Load and set your delayed apply during working hours. Schedule your IPL for off hours.


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