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An alternative method to QSYSOPR messages

I have just read Richard Nichols' tip of 3 Apr 2001 regarding "qsysopr messages on the fly". He has written a CL routing to produce the qsysopr message at the press of a key. This seems a bit long winded and I have a simpler way. I created a sign-on session from Client Access but run a macro that automatically signs on with the qsysopr user profile and password. This session is then re-sized and displayed at the corner of my screen, generally out of the way of other applications.

Because qsysopr messages are set to *BREAK, every time any message gets issued to qsysopr it displays on the session window and I know instantly if there are problems on the system, generally before users do! Also, in the "Display" icon you can set an 'update' alarm to sound when messages are posted, therefore you don't have to have the window in view to know that there is something happening on the system. If the initial menu is set to "SYSTEM" then simply keying a "3" on the session will bring up all the current messages for qsysopr (instead of typing DSPMSG each time, if you need to see messages).

One other thing to note, set the assistance level in the user profile to *BASIC; this will split the info into two catagories "messages needing a reply" and "not needing a reply" and makes it easier to refresh the display with the usual "F5".

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