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Alternate find messages by description

Here you'll find alternate find messages by description.

Instead of stopping at listing the first level message text to a spool file, go further and create text source member. This source member can be stored as a source member for use by all programmers and searched using SEU. We re-create this source member nightly or it can be re-created on demand when there is a need to "refresh".

To use SEU efficiently, do these steps:

1. Exclude all statements by entering "X99999" in the line number column of the first statement of the source.

2. Search for the message text by entering a search command to find all occurrences. For example, to find all statements with the text "Item number" you would enter: F "Item number" A. This will show you all statements in this source member that contain the search argument. If this list is to long, you can perform and additional search of the results, which are now non-excluded statements. Just change the search rules (via F14) and enter 3=Non-excluded for the Records to search value.

FNDMSGRV--Validity checking pgm for FNDMSGR

FMDMSGR -- cmd used to rebuild source member

FNDMSGDC--Command processing program for cmd FNDMSGD

FNDMDGD--Main cmd used

FNDMSGDV--Validity checking pgm for FNDMSGD

FNDMSGRC--Command processing program for FNDMSGR

FNDMSGRR--RPGLR pgm to create the source member


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