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Advanced usage of SEU

This tip shows yo the advanced usage of SEU.

The hide and find is an often overlooked SEU feature.

SEU==> H ' '
That is H ' '
This command hides every line with a space in it (which is usually every line), compressing the entire program down to one line that tells you how many lines were hidden.

From there, use the following F (find) statements to locate all the BEGSR. END, ELSE, IF, DO, and WHEN commands in RPG III source:
SEU==> F BEGSR 28 32 X A 
SEU==> F END 28 32 X A 
SEU==> F ELSE 28 32 X A 
SEU==> F DO 28 32 X A 
SEU==> F IF 28 32 X A 
SEU==> F WH 28 32 X A 
SEU==> F CAS 28 32 X A 
SEU==> F AND 28 32 X A 
SEU==> F OR 28 32 X A  
The last two statements are optional; they display the ANDxx and ORxx operations in logic blocks.  These statements can stored in a macro with most emulation programs. 

The above commands could cause code that had been commented out to appear, so enter h * 7 7

For RPG IV source, the operation code is in positions 28-32.

You could find all the internal usages of the field prdno with  f prdno a. 
To find all the internal and external usages, display the compiler listing in the bottom of the SEU display and run h ' ' then f prdno a there.

Press F5 to unhide everything. 

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