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Add some colors to your sources

Learn how to add color to your sources to have them really stand out.

Here's a tip many people may not be aware of. When we are coding the programs we put a lot of comments to explain logic or functionality, instead of putting these comments in green color, generally we will prefer to put them in different colors. For doing this some people will use tools some will do programmatically. Instead of doing so we can add some colors to our program by using simple Client Access keyboard mapping.

Let us see how we can do this..

 Click on the "MAP" button
 Click on any key, for example I want to map my ALT + R for red color
 So click on R and type APL 28 in the box provided against Alt and save the settings.
 Now go to the source line, which you want to make in RED. Put your cursor just before the first word of the line and press ALT + R and enter, the source line will be displayed red in color.

For different colors follow this table:

APL 20 - Green
APL 21 - Green RI
APL 22 - White
APL 23 - White RI
APL 24 - Green UL
APL 25 - Green RI UL
APL 26 - White UL
APL 27 - ND
APL 28 - Red
APL 29 - Red RI
APL 30 - Blue
APL 31 - Blue RI
APL 32 - Yellow
APL 33 - Yellow RI
APL 34 - Blue UL
APL 35 - Blue UL RI

By using this technique we can change the colors for member text too... take option 13 and F4 for member you want to change the color first, then put your cursor just before the first letter in the text and press corresponding color key and press enter. Now you can see your member text will be displayed in different color.


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