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AS/400 resumes that get attention

AS/400 resumes that get attention
By Mark Baard

Through her interviews with professional recruiters nationwide, spokesperson Susan Simcox has identified the techniques AS/400 specialists and others can use to get their resumes noticed -- such as summarizing their technical skills, incorporating specific terms and keywords and customizing resumes for individual job listings.

SEARCH400.COM: How many jobs does have for AS/400 specialists?

SIMCOX: About 3,064 -- or 1.3 percent -- of our jobs are for AS/400 specialists. Forty percent of those are for programmers, and the rest are distributed among operators, project managers and tech support positions.

SEARCH400.COM: And how can AS/400 pros find the best opportunities among them?

SIMCOX: The best way to narrow your search -- and to stand out as a candidate for the job you want -- is to include the right keywords. AS/400 programmers, for example, will want to include phrases like Save and Restore process, Update Data, Journalizing and expertise in the AS/400 Command Language and its use.

SEARCH400.COM: Can AS/400 pros parlay their skills into other areas?

SIMCOX: Absolutely. lists jobs from a number of recruiters looking for experienced RPG/400 programmers that want to learn client/server technologies like Oracle and Visual Basic. Consultants are often well suited for these positions because of their diverse backgrounds.

SEARCH400.COM: Is having a well-written resume still important, or will it merely be scanned for specific keywords?

SIMCOX: Recruiters still use resumes to judge a candidate's professionalism. You should have at least one other person proofread your resume. Even if your skills are in demand, typos and bad writing can prevent you from getting the job you want.

Baard is a contributing editor in Milton, Mass.

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