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AS/400 programmers, learn Java and prosper

It could mean money a bigger paycheck if you enhance your skills set with technologies such as Java.

In a recent search400 career tip, headhunter Dino Grigorakakis, regional manager for Menlo Park, Calif.-based RHI Consulting, Inc., reported that an increasing number of AS/400 shops are "hungry for Java programmers." And a search400 salary survey found that RPG programmers can add $13,500 to their annual salaries by acquiring Java skills. Grigorakakis recommends the "do-it-yourself" approach to learning the language; here are a few suggestions to help get you started.

"Java for RPG Programmers," by Phil Coulthard and George Farr (Advice Press, April 1998). The authors of this book (available through hope to "bridge the gap" between RPG and Java and encourage Java's use on the AS/400 platform. US $55.96. "Introduction to Programming Using Java" is an online Java textbook written by David J. Eck, Ph.D., a computer science professor at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. Skip to Chapter two, since the text assumes no prior programming experience. Most sections include sample Java code and functioning applets. Free. This tutorial by Marshall Brain, An Introduction to Java, provides line-by-line explanations of browser applets, including a look at Java's AWT interface library, and examples of Panels and applet parameters. Free. David Reilly has written and edited more than a dozen Java tutorials, and you'll find them all here. Start with his detailed introductions to objects and classes, then follow Reilly and company straight through to artificial intelligence searches and Swing GUIs. Free. Here you can learn to use IBM's VisualAge for Java Enterprise Toolkit for AS/400 (ET/400) Version 2 by building a parts inquiry application. Free.

Written by Mark Baard, a contributing editor in Milton, Mass.

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