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  • Security considerations for IBM i backups

    Backups need to be just as physically secure as the System i. Managing a log system for backup tapes, retiring old tapes, and validating third-party storage services are part of what it takes to ensure security with your AS/400 backups. Continue Reading

  • Time for a security checkup for your i

    Conducting an annual system security checkup on your AS/400 will prevent you from discovering some unwanted New Year's surprises. Rich Loeber recommends steps including checking security settings, ensuring that your user profiles are up to date with... Continue Reading

  • Recovering your AS/400 security configuration

    You need to have your AS/400 security plan built into your disaster recovery process. Step 1: Know the security objects and settings, and how and where they are saved. These objects include private authorities, system values, and user profiles. Continue Reading

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