IT vocabulary quiz

Do you speak fluent geek? Take our iSeries vocabulary quiz and see if you can match up each term with its correct definition.

Do you speak fluent geek? Take our iSeries vocabulary quiz and see if you can match up each term with its correct...


vocab quiz

a.  back door 1.  an evaluation of an item's ability to withstand extreme conditions
b.  bug
2.  the decreased demand for an existing product that occurs
when its vendor releases a new product

c.  ant
3.  a product that connects a LAN to another local area network
that uses the same protocol 

d.  vampire tap 4.  a scam where the perpetrator sends out legitimate-looking
e-mails appearing to come from some of the Web's biggest sites
e.  torture test 5.  a coding error in a computer program
f.  BLOB 6.  a method of encoding real numbers within the limits of finite
precision available on computers
g.  blowfish 7.  the standard unit of luminous intensity in the International
System of Units (SI) 

h.  bridge 8.  the generally accepted official logo for the Linux
operating system

i.  cannibalization 9.  the process or means of obtaining and storing external
data -- particularly images or sounds
j.  candela 10.  is a large file that must be handled in a special way
because of its size
k.  capture       11.  a means of access to a computer program that bypasses
security mechanisms
l.  FLOPS        12.  a program or process that is dormant until a certain condition
occurs and then is initiated to do its processing

m.  Tux  13.  an open source build tool  from the Apache Software Foundation
n.  phishing 14.  a connection to a coaxial cable in which a hole is drilled through
the outer shield of the cable

o.  demon 15. an encryption algorithm that can be used as a replacement
for the DES or IDEA algorithms

This was last published in August 2004

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