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DB2 crossword challenge

Are you a DB2 dynamo? Take our DB2 crossword challenge and find out!

Are you a DB2 dynamo? Take our DB2 crossword challenge and find out!


2. The organization or structure for a database
5. To make a change to stored data
6. A standard interactive programming language
7. A standard database access technology -- developed by Microsoft
9. Stored procedures that may automatically execute
10. A series of facts or statements
12. A list of keys or keywords
14. This term is used to represent a missing value
16. The process of organizing data to minimize redundancy
17. What a user of a database enters


1. Information that is organized so that it can easily be managed
3. Search400.com's DB2 UDB expert
4. A computer's representation of a fact about an entity
8. To copy files or databases so that they will be preserved
9. Data that is arranged in rows and columns
11. A data file that has no structured relationships between its records
13. The collection of all possible values of an attribute
15. Developer of DB2

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