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AS/400 system values quiz

Think you know your AS/400 system values? Put your knowledge to the test!

Think you know your AS/400 system values? Thomas (Dusty) Lela of AS/400 & iSeries Commercial Technology, in Irving, Tx. has submitted this quiz for fellow AS/400 enthusiasts. If you have an idea for a quiz, please submit it to editor@search400.com.

Test your AS/400 system values knowledge!

1. Which of these system values are security values?  Required Question
2. Which of these system values are storage values?  Required Question
3. All of the following objects exist in MYLIB. In order to delete MYLIB, which object will HAVE to be deleted prior to executing the DLTLIB command?  Required Question
4. Would it matter in which sequence these objects are restored to MYLIB?  Required Question

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