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Quiz: Who's who in the iSeries world? #2

Do you know who's who in the iSeries community? Take our quiz and find out.

Debra Tart, assistant editorDo you know who's who in the iSeries community? Take our quiz and find out.

After reading the question, write down the letter of your answer choice on scrap paper. Check your answers by using the answer key at the end of the quiz.

Do you have a good quiz question on who's who? Send it to me and I'll try to add it into the next quiz.

1. Eclipse, an open-source software development workbench from, is the foundation of all development tools for IBM today and many other companies as well. The President of is:

a) George Bush
b) Bob Boyson
c) Mike Milinkovich

2. The IBM PC organization hired Bill Gates and Microsoft to adapt DOS to be the operating system for the PC. At the time, the leader of IBM's PC Business Unit that drove it to early explosive success was:

a) Jim Palmisano
b) John Opel
c) Phil Estridge

3. COMMON User group elected this person as president in the Fall of 2001. He has been involved with the group for 21 years.

a) Bob Boyson
b) Rares Pateanu
c) John Earl

4. This person is best known in the iSeries community for their work with sockets and IFS APIs in ILE RPG and is the developer of the iSeries socket tutorial.

a) Peter Massiello
b) Scott Klement
c) Paul Tuohy

5. Who is considered "Ms. Disaster Recovery"?

a) Becky Schmieding
b) Deb Saugen
c) Sue Townsend

6. Who is NOT a current or former IBM OS/400 Security Architect…?

a) Carol Woodbury
b) Wayne Evans
c) Greg Hintermeister

7. The IBM Lady of the Lab "Toronto" is?

a) Barbara Morris
b) Caroline Kovac
c) Janet Perna

8. The Author of CGIDEV - EASY400 Freeware Web tools is?

a) Henrik Krebs
b) Mel Rothman
c) Bryan Dietz

9. The TAA Productivity Tools is a suite of commands and utilities that complement and enhance OS/400, the operating system of the iSeries. Who is the father of TAATOOLS?

a) Jim Mason
b) Jim Hoskins
c) Jim Sloan

10. This person is considered a leading authority on DB2 UDB for iSeries and is author or co-author of several books, including Common Sense C, Database Design and Programming for DB2/400, and SQL/400 Developer's Guide.

a) Brad Stone
b) Paul Conte
c) Skip Marchesiani

Answer Key: 1. c 2. b 3. a 4. b 5. b 6. c 7. a 8. b 9. c 10. b

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