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Lakeview Technology releases MIMIX Replicate1 4.02

Lakeview Technology releases MIMIX Replicate1 4.02


Lakeview Technology (Lakeview), worldwide leader in infrastructure software for the information enterprise, today announced the release of MIMIX replicate1 4.02. The recently rebranded MIMIX replicate1 (formerly OmniReplicator), is a simplified, on-demand enterprisewide data sharing solution that enables companies to share data between different databases, including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 UDB, IBM DB2/MVS, IBM DB2/400, Sybase and Informix. Release 4.02 delivers enhancements, including improved performance for loading bulk data into databases, support for Informix databases, more flexible options for updating data movement models, improvements in MVS/DB2 data capture, as well as additional platform and database support.

"The most noticeable improvement our customers will see is significant overall performance," said Bill Davis, Lakeview Technology's MIMIX replicate1 product strategy director. "Customers will see a functioning gain of up to 350 percent in copy requests loading into an Oracle database and up to 250 percent gain loading into a Microsoft SQL Server database on Windows2000 servers," Davis added. Release 4.02 uses native Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server Loaders for all copy requests -- the most efficient method for loading bulk data into databases.

Another product enhancement includes support for Informix Dynamic Server 9.3 and 9.4 as both a source and target for data replication or copy requests. "This feature enables customers to broaden their data sharing capabilities, as well as help Informix users migrate their databases to other platforms such as DB2/MVS, DB2 UDB, Oracle, Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server," said Davis.

MIMIX replicate1 also now offers more flexible options for updating data movement models. It defaults to treating each model update as a request for incremental update only, not a full update. This enhancement provides customers with more flexibility in updating large modules and saves computer resources by not updating components of a module that have not changed.

Platform and database support has been expanded in 4.02 to include AIX 5.2 and SUN Solaris 2.9 on both source and target as well as Linux i, p and zSeries as a path host. Additionally, support for data types such as Unicode and FOR BIT (on OS/400, DB2/MVS and DB2 UDB) are included in this version.

MIMIX replicate1 addresses the difficult problem of real-time data sharing between different application/database silos on different platforms. It frees the enterprise from data barriers by replicating data from one database format to another quickly without requiring any changes to application code. MIMIX replicate1 also streamlines information management because it recognizes and replicates changes made to your data as they occur. Replicating only the changes minimizes the amount of data transmitted, reducing the impact of replication on your systems and lowers the cost of doing business. Customers use MIMIX replicate1 in a variety of business situations, including data warehousing, Web integration, business intelligence and application integration, among others.

Release 4.02 is free for all MIMIX replicate1 customers who have an active Product Support Agreement. Customers should contact their MIMIX replicate1 representative if they are interested in upgrading or do not have an active agreement.

About Lakeview Technology, Inc.
Lakeview Technology is a leader in infrastructure software and services, specializing in High Availability, Disaster Recovery, Clustering and Data Replication. Lakeview's solutions enhance the customer's information enterprise by making business information highly available and accessible to decision makers. By supporting any application in OS/400, Windows, UNIX and Linux operating environments, Lakeview offers customers a single vendor of choice who can simplify the complexity of the IT infrastructure and deliver high ROI within 12 months.

Companies around the world have trusted their information to Lakeview Technology's software for over a decade. Customers range from Fortune 100 to medium and small businesses across all industries. Headquartered near Chicago, Lakeview serves customers from offices in the U.S., Europe and Asia and through an extensive partner network. For more information, please visit or call 630-282-8100.

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