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WorksRight Software's PER/RDI helps identify residential addresses

WorksRight Software's PER/RDI helps identify residential addresses


WorksRight Software, Inc. announces the availability of PER/RDI, a new Residential Delivery Indicator system designed to identify residential addresses before residential delivery surcharges are incurred. PER/RDI utilizes the U.S Postal Service's RDI (Residential Delivery Indicator) data set.

PER/RDI is offered as an optional, no charge, add-on product to WorksRight's popular PER/ZIP4 CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) software and their new PER/DPV delivery point validation software. Both PER/ZIP4 and PER/DPV are required prerequisites to licensing PER/RDI.

PER/ZIP4 matches addresses to the national ZIP + 4 postal database. This matching process allows ZIP Codes, ZIP + 4's, and other mailing information to be verified, corrected, and updated. Currently PER/ZIP4 and other CASS products match addresses to range records in the ZIP +4 database. For example, any address between 501 and 599 Cobblestone Court will be given a ZIP + 4 code, whether it is a deliverable address or not.

PER/DPV takes address matching to the next level. After PER/ZIP4 assigns a ZIP +4 to an address, PER/DPV can be used to determine that 501 Cobblestone is valid and 511 is not valid for actual delivery of mail.

PER/RDI starts with the validated address and uses the U.S. Postal Service's RDI data set to determine whether the address is a residence or a business. This information can be instrumental in determining the most cost efficient method of shipping.

PER/ZIP4 is used in mailing operations to insure that outgoing mail has accurate ZIP Codes and is free of common mistakes in spelling and format. Use of PER/ZIP4 for CASS certification is part of the process used to qualify for postage discounts.

The combination of PER/ZIP4, PER/DPV, and PER/RDI provides address quality and knowledge previously unavailable to most mailers and shippers. Through informed decisions based on this new knowledge, residential delivery and address correction surcharges can be eliminated, and deliverability will be improved. Add our PER/SORT presort application to the combination and postage costs can also be reduced significantly.

PER/ZIP4 includes many standard features for which other vendors charge extra. Batch processing for complete files as well as API's for processing individual addresses are included. Sample code for printing POSTNET bar codes is also included at no extra charge.

WorksRight Software provides monthly updates, and unlimited software support. We offer a 30-day, no-hassle free trial. Call 601-856-8337 or visit for more information or to order a free trial.

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