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Chrono-Logic releases iAM -- For Development V4.0

Chrono-Logic releases iAM -- For Development V4.0


LANSA Business Partner Chrono-Logic announces the release of iAM - for Development v4.0, a change management solution designed specifically for development teams using LANSA products. iAM - for Development is entirely written in Visual LANSA, is completely integrated to the internal structure of LANSA solutions and has a LANSA look and feel. iAM - for Development v4.0 is available with a Windows or green-screen interface.

Features include two new development tools, Forecast and Rebuild in Development, along with support of IFS/QDLS documents/objects and a Windows interface. These add up to a complete automation of transfers between partitions, an impact analysis on LANSA cross references, a direct link with the entire LANSA Repository including task tracking, version control, support of multiple LANSA installations, support of all LANSA definition and object types (iSeries, Visual and Web) and iSeries native sources and objects, archiving, powerful set up and security options and distribution on multiple computers.

"Throughout the entire LANSA-based application development, maintenance and distribution cycle, iAM - for Development completely automates all change management tasks usually performed manually by developers, analysts, systems managers and operators. For LANSA development teams, this automation translates into increased productivity and cost reductions for a rapid ROI. But most importantly, organizations will secure their software assets and prevent system down time," said Normand Jacques, president of Chrono-Logic.

The new development tools automate some of the repetitive and time-consuming tasks of LANSA developers and analysts. The Forecast tool lets them evaluate rapidly, without errors, while proceeding with any modifications of LANSA definitions or objects. This tool searches the LANSA Repository, analyzes the source code and identifies all LANSA cross references related to the group of LANSA definitions/objects on any partition on the system, essentially doing the work of the analyst.

Using iAM - for Development's Impact Analysis, the Rebuild in Development tool recompiles, in the Development partition, LANSA cross references related to modifications. "Whenever an object needs to be recompiled, iAM - for Development will do it. For example, after using the Forecast tool, a LANSA developer modifies the length of a field in the Development partition. When he or she runs a Rebuild in Development request for that field, iAM - for Development identifies the field's cross references and recompiles the related files and functions," said Ghislain Jacques, vice-president of product development at Chrono-Logic.

iAM - for Development provides the same degree of automation at each level of the development process (Development, Tests, Production). Developers never have to run APIs, commands or Export/Import to move LANSA, native iSeries and IFS/QDLS definitions/sources/objects to the next level of the development process. "Systems managers don't have to worry about LANSA cross references as iAM - for Development's impact analysis automatically identifies and recreates them. In all cases, only the modified definitions and objects need to be included in packages. iAM - for Development does the rest of the work," concluded Ghislain Jacques.

About Chrono-Logic, Services Conseils en Informatique Inc.
Founded in 1998, Chrono-Logic offers LANSA-based Change Management Solutions and Development Tools designed specifically for development teams using LANSA products. All solutions offered by Chrono-Logic are entirely written in LANSA, completely integrated to the internal structure of LANSA and have a LANSA look and feel. To be used with the interface of Windows or "green screen," Chrono-Logic's products support LANSA for iSeries, LANSA for Windows, LANSA for the Web, native iSeries sources/objects and IFS/QDLS documents/objects. For more information, visit

LANSA is a software company that helps customers enhance their business performance through the effective use of leading-edge technologies, services and solutions. LANSA's products provide offerings in the areas of application development, e-business solutions, technology integration and data access. LANSA has evolved into a powerful family of products and solutions that support IBM iSeries, AS/400, Windows, UNIX and Linux platforms. Founded in 1987, LANSA has over 6,700 installations in more than 67 countries including e-business solutions for world-leading companies like Visa, Hershey Foods, General Electric Appliances and Dean Foods. For more information, visit

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