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Encrypt, compress large files with new Transfer Anywhere release

Encrypt, compress large files with new Transfer Anywhere release


Linoma Software is proud to announce a significant new release of Transfer Anywhere, an enterprise-level solution for retrieving, converting, compressing, encrypting, signing and distributing data and files. Transfer Anywhere version 1.4.6 includes many new enhancements, including the ability to automatically encrypt, sign and compress large multi-gigabyte files.

Transfer Anywhere implements the popular PGP encryption standard for providing a high level of data protection. PGP is a form of asymmetric cryptography that utilizes private/public key pairs, which is a preferred technique for securing data transmissions over the public internet. The PGP encryption feature in Transfer Anywhere will support both RSA and DSA key algorithms with key lengths up to 4096 bytes.

With the new release, files can be automatically compressed during the encryption process to dramatically minimize disk and bandwidth requirements. Oftentimes, files can be reduced to less than one-tenth of their original size. With Transfer Anywhere's new block read/write technology, very large multi-gigabyte files can be easily encrypted and compressed.

Transfer Anywhere also addresses the issues of data authentication with its ability to "sign" files via embedded digital signatures. These signatures will allow trading partners to verify the sender and the integrity of the data which is transmitted to them.

Transfer Anywhere can retrieve data from database servers, FTP servers or a local file system. Files can also be distributed to the local file system, FTP servers and E-mail recipients. For instance, a transfer can be defined to automatically retrieve records from a database, create an Excel document from those records, encrypt and compress the document, and then e-mail it to one or more recipients.

Database-to-database record copies can also be set up quickly through Transfer Anywhere, with support for popular database servers including DB2, Oracle, SQL Server and Informix.

Transfers can be executed from within the Transfer Anywhere graphical client or through native host commands which can be incorporated into a scheduler or batch processes. Additional commands are included within Transfer Anywhere for performing command-line driven Encryption, Decryption, Signing and Verification of documents.

Transfer Anywhere is a Java-based product with a flexible architecture to support both small and large organizations. The product can be installed onto the OS/400 or NT operating system.

A free fully functional trial of Transfer Anywhere is available from Linoma Software. For more information, please visit the Web site of or contact Linoma Software at or 1-800-949-4696 or (402) 334-7513.

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