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Wintouch for WebSphere validated as Ready for IBM WebSphere Portal software

Wintouch for WebSphere validated as Ready for IBM WebSphere Portal software


Touchtone Corp., a leading developer of native software for the IBM eServer i5 –- formerly iSeries and AS/400 –- announced that Wintouch for WebSphere, a portlet application using IBM WebSphere Portal Server, is now validated as Ready for IBM WebSphere Portal software. Touchtone's customers can increase the efficiency of their e-business operations and cut costs with Wintouch for WebSphere, which has met IBM's specifications as Ready for WebSphere Portal software.

Wintouch for WebSphere is validated as Ready for IBM WebSphere Portal software Wintouch is one of the first five validated as Ready for IBM WebSphere Portal software solutions in the IBM WebSphere Portal and Lotus Workplace Catalog.

The initial launch of Wintouch for WebSphere -– announced in April 2004 -– includes six portlets: a Wintouch menu, an Account Summary portlet, a Contact Summary portlet, a Search portlet (for Accounts or Contacts,) a Search Results portlet, and an Activities portlet or "To Do" list viewable by day, week or month for every Wintouch user. To see an image of Wintouch for WebSphere, please visit:

The strategic advantage of Wintouch for WebSphere is that now companies can integrate business processes across the enterprise and with key partners, suppliers and customers. This enables Wintouch for WebSphere customers to optimize inventory to:

* Maximize service level while minimizing carrying cost

* Maximize profitability by identifying profitable and unprofitable customers and product lines so action can be taken

* Increase profits by quickly identifying and responding to changes incurred from economic conditions, customers, suppliers -- or even weather

* Increase revenues by increasing customer loyalty and high customer satisfaction through operational excellence

* Reduce operating costs by streamlining business processes through information sharing and collaboration with key suppliers, customers and internal departments

The Wintouch server software runs on the IBM iSeries and the WebSphere middleware can reside on an OS/400 partition of an iSeries, on a Linux partition of an iSeries, or on Linux on a pSeries or on Linux on an xSeries. Front-end access to Wintouch is via any Web browser, even a PDA or cell phone with an Internet connection.

Wintouch is a complete CRM solution designed specifically for the iSeries to enable smoother, more cost-effective back-end integration with legacy OS/400 ERP systems and other AS/400 applications including those built internally by an organization or "homegrown."

Touchtone was recently able to integrate J.D. Edwards ERP within two weeks for one customer to enable them to meet the demands of one of their clients. Touchtone's OS/400 expertise results in significant cost savings for customers by cutting integration time plus enabling Wintouch for WebSphere to use existing IT assets to help maximize their current investments.

About Touchtone
Over the years, Touchtone Corp. has built a solid reputation for rapid integration and deployment, as well as cost-effective customization to each business' unique needs and industry specifications. Touchtone places an emphasis on maintaining a high level of customization in Wintouch -– on the user level and on the organizational level.

Touchtone, located in Southern California, has over 13 years of expertise on the IBM OS/400 operating system and nine years in the CRM arena. Wintouch was first introduced as a browser-based solution for the iSeries in April 2000 at the "eCRM 2000 Conference and Exhibition." Prior to that, Wintouch was available as a client/server application. For further information about Wintouch or Touchtone Corp., please call (714) 755-2810.

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