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Answers to IT vocabulary quiz

Answers to IT vocabulary quiz

a.    back door 

b.         Bug

c.         Ant

d.         vampire tap

e.         torture test

f.           BLOB

g.         Blowfish

h.         Bridge

i.           Cannibalization

j.           Candela

k.         Capture

l.           FLOPS

m.       Tux

n.         Phishing

o.         Demon

____ a means of access to a computer program
     that bypasses security mechanisms

____ a coding error in a computer program  

____ an open source build tool from the Apache
     Software Foundation

____ a connection to a coaxial cable in which
     a hole is drilled through the outer
     shield of the cable  

____ an evaluation of an item's ability to
     withstand extreme conditions  

____ is a large file that must be handled
     in a special way because of its size  

____ an encryption algorithm that can be
     used as a replacement for the DES or
     IDEA algorithms  

____ a product that connects a LAN to another
     local area network that uses the same

____ the decreased demand for an existing
     product that occurs when its vendor
     releases a new product

____ the standard unit of luminous intensity
     in the International System of Units (SI)  

____ the process or means of obtaining and
     storing external data –- particularly
     images or sounds
a method of encoding real numbers
     within the limits of finite precision
     available on computers  

____ the generally accepted official logo
     for the Linux operating System
____ a
scam where the perpetrator sends out
     legitimate-looking e-mails appearing to
     come from some of the Web's biggest

____ a program or process that is dormant
     until a certain condition occurs and
     then is initiated to do its processing

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