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Linoma releases new version of RPG Toolbox

Linoma releases new version of RPG Toolbox


Linoma Software is proud to announce a significant new release of its RPG Toolbox product. This new version 3.20 further improves iSeries developer productivity with more bundled tools, including an innovative feature for quickly analyzing compile errors. RPG source code can also be further modernized with its enhanced RPG Wizard.

A new Compile Analyzer has been added to the Toolbox to allow a developer to quickly display the status of a compile (supports RPG, CL and DDS) and shows any important compiler errors within an easy-to-use popup window. As errors are corrected, the developer can mark them off as "fixed" and just focus on the remaining errors to correct. This new process is more efficient than having to waste time browsing over irrelevant compiler information and low severity errors.

The RPG Toolbox provides a feature to convert source code to the most modern syntax available in RPG IV, in either fixed or free-format. This new version of the RPG Toolbox performs a more comprehensive conversion of source code. Customers around the world have used the RPG Toolbox to successfully modernize millions of lines of RPG source code.

Included with the RPG Toolbox is a module called SEU PLUS, which complements IBM's Source Entry Utility (SEU) with over 70 additional line commands. This new version allows developers to quickly view the fields within a key list or parameter list, view the used number indicators within a RPG IV program, quickly place modification markers on source lines, and replace source lines with clipboard-like memory.

SEU PLUS now supports source files with up to 162 byte record lengths. Besides helping developers to create and maintain RPG source more efficiently, many of the new SEU line commands also work with COBOL, DDS, CL and CMD source code.

The included Snippet source code generator now includes intelligent prompts for every built-in-function (BIF) up to V5R2. Snippets can be used to build quality applications much faster using pre-defined and pre-tested source code. Over 190 Snippets are included with the RPG Toolbox, plus developers can quickly build their own custom Snippets to share with team members.

Pricing for the RPG Toolbox begins at $995 per iSeries or AS/400 CPU. A FREE trial of the Toolbox can be obtained at or by calling 1-800-949-4696 or (402) 334-7513.

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