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DCSoftware's new ReorgWizard V3 eases task of reorganizing files

DCSoftware's new ReorgWizard V3 eases task of reorganizing files


DCSoftware, Inc. is proud to announce the general release of the new ReorgWizard Version 3. This powerful module addresses one of the most nagging problems in an AS/400 or iSeries environment -- reorganizing files.

A standard reorg using RGZPFM requires exclusive allocation of the file for the duration of the process. This can be quite long for large files -- often hours and sometimes days. The burden on the CPU during a reorg can also be quite high. The new ReorgWizard Version 3 addresses both of these issues, boasting some impressive new features including Reverse Reorg, Start, Stop & Resume and job throttling as well as additional support for files with check constraints.

The addition of Reverse Reorg into the new ReorgWizard V3 provides an essential and powerful alternative reorg option to our product. Unlike the standard Sequential Reorg, Reverse Reorg works by moving records from the back of the file to the front of the file. Typically this requires fewer record moves, resulting in a faster reorg.

For example, an Aerospace manufacturing company conducted an benchmark test using RGZPFM vs. ReorgWizard. Their data sample consisted of 70 million records, of which 1.6 million were deleted. The file had 39 access paths built over it. Using RGZPFM took 28 hours, during which time the file was locked exclusively for the entire process. Using ReorgWizard, a reverse reorg took only 6.5 hours during which time the file was not locked. The recovery of deleted space, which does require a brief exclusive lock, was completed in a remarkable 15 seconds! Net result -- exclusive file lock time was reduced from 28 hours to only 15 seconds!

In addition to the features mentioned above, reorg can be scheduled to run in pieces - either a fixed number of records or until a predetermined date and time -- so that the entire file does not need to be processed at once. This allows reorgs to be processed at a relaxed pace and when time is available.

File reorgs can place a heavy burden on the machine due to excessive access path maintenance. This heavy burden can cause performance degradation for on line users and other processes. The 'throttle' feature of the ReorgWizard allows a reorg job to be slowed down, thus reducing the burden on the machine. In high availability environments where journaling is used to keep a mirrored database synchronized, this throttle feature can be critical in allowing the mirrored machine to 'keep up' with the reorg activity.

Using the ReorgWizard, it is possible to run multiple reorg jobs concurrently. Files can be reorganized more often, or even continuously, to keep files at peak efficiency.

For more information about the ReorgWizard, please contact DCSoftware at (508) 435-8243 or on the Internet at

About ReorgWizard , ARCTOOLS/400 and DCSoftware, Inc.
DCSoftware, Inc., has been assisting AS/400 and iSeries shops with their purge and archive needs since 1996. Their flagship product, Arctools/400, allows the creation of purge and archive functionality quickly and easily, without programming and without locking users out of the system. Their ReorgWizard product allows files to be reorganized without locking users out of the system. DCSoftware also owns, a Web-based iSeries time-sharing service for development, testing and outsourcing. For more information, visit or call 1-877-ARCTOOLS (272-8665).

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