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eStorage introduces lower cost 70GB disk drives for iSeries

eStorage introduces lower cost 70GB disk drives for iSeries


eStorage, a leading provider of storage solutions for IBM midrange computers, announced its 4327-15K, 4327F-10K, and 4327-10K disk drives, the industry's first third-party 70GB internal disk solutions for IBM iSeries computers. These new drives emulate IBM's 4327 70GB disk drive, so they work transparently with OS/400 and standard IBM disk controllers without the need for any special software. With U.S. list prices starting as low as $995, the new eStorage drives are as much as 65% less than the IBM 4327, which lists at $2,800.

The 15,000 RPM design of the eStorage 4327-15K provides significant performance advantages compared to the 10K and 7.2K drives that are most commonly used with iSeries and AS/400 computers. Because of the higher rotational speed of 15K drives, average access times and latencies are significantly reduced, making this drive ideal enhancing the performance of any iSeries operation. IBM has endorsed 15K disk technology – according to a January 24, 2003 product announcement, 15K disks "enhance existing function and expand the capability to configure your system for maximum performance and efficiency." eStorage was the first company in the industry to offer 15K disk drives for the iSeries and AS/400 computers.

eStorage is also introducing its new 4327F-10K 70GB drive based on the company's exclusive FAST technology. FAST technology works by restricting the movement of the drive actuator to the outer 1/3 or 1/2 cylinders of the disk. This significantly increases the performance because:

  • The actuator travels less than half the distance to go from the first track to the last track of the disk.
  • The velocity of the outer cylinders is higher and number of sectors is greater than that of the inner cylinders.

As a result, the seek time for the eStorage FAST 70GB drive is less than 2.4 milliseconds, with the added benefit of improved transfer rates. Reduced seek times are especially critical in most iSeries environments, because typical iSeries applications involve large numbers of users frequently access relatively small pieces of information. An additional advantage of the FAST 70GB drive is that it can be upgraded at a future date to a 140GB drive with 4.7 msec seek time if the customer needs the additional capacity.

Finally, eStorage is introducing its low-price 4327-10K drive. This 70GB drive operates at 10,000 RPM with a 4.7 msec seek time, and is well-suited where large capacities are required and speed is not critical, such as certain data warehousing applications. With a list price of just $995, this drive sets a new standard for cost per gigabyte in the iSeries market.

"Our new 4327-15K and 4327F-10K disk drives are especially ideal for applications in which large capacities are paramount, while our 4327-10K is the most cost-effective large capacity drive for iSeries computers," said John Gimpl, eStorage's Executive vice-president. "These new 70GB disk drives provides a nice balance of capacity and performance at a very reasonable price, which make them perfect for applications like program development, disk-based backup, and high availability backup systems."

The eStorage 4327-15K, 4327F-10K, and 4327-10K work on the iSeries 800, 810, 825, 870, and 890 computer systems, or in older 270, 820, 830, and 840 systems that are equipped with the appropriate expansion tower. OS/400 V5R2 and a PCI-X disk controller (e.g., the 2757, 5703, or 5705) is required.

The 4327-15K, 4327F-10K, and 4327-10K disk subsystems are available for immediate shipment. For additional details, contact eStorage at (800) 598-9910 or visit the company's web site at

About eStorage
eStorage, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of enterprise storage systems. Focusing on the IBM iSeries and AS/400 mid-range computer market, eStorage provides a full range of high-end disk subsystems, tape subsystems, automated tape libraries, and high availability software. These sophisticated solutions offer higher performance, greater functionality, increased uptime, and reduced costs compared to competing products. Based in Irvine, Calif., eStorage sells and services its products worldwide.

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