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Robot/CLIENT lets users connect Windows systems to multiple iSeries

Robot/CLIENT lets users connect Windows systems to multiple iSeries


Help/Systems, developer of the Robot Automated Operations Solution for iSeries systems, announces an enhancement to Robot/CLIENT, the client event manager that seamlessly integrates Windows, NT, and UNIX servers into iSeries procedures. Now, Robot/CLIENT allows Windows systems to receive tasks from multiple iSeries systems. Users can register a single Windows PC client to multiple iSeries systems and rotate among them using the Robot/CLIENT task processor and a rotation list.

The easy-to-use Rotation feature allows users to indicate which iSeries will be included in a rotation process, the length of the rotation interval on each iSeries, as well as how Robot/CLIENT should handle active or pending tasks at the end of a rotation interval. During the rotation process, Robot/CLIENT connects to each iSeries in the list, communicates and performs tasks, and disconnects at the end of the rotation interval, automatically. The process even uses an improved method of error recovery to recover from communication errors automatically.

This feature is especially beneficial for high availability (HA) environments or in data centers where multiple iSeries systems must send tasks to Windows systems. By setting different length rotation intervals for different iSeries systems, users can give higher priority to the systems that send the most tasks.

The update is available free of charge to current Robot/CLIENT users on maintenance and can be downloaded at our Web site, Robot/CLIENT interfaces seamlessly with other Help/Systems products such as Robot/SCHEDULE, Robot/ALERT, and Robot/NETWORK for complete automated control and management of the iSeries.

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